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      N-methyldiethanolamine (MDEA)
      Brief N-methyldiethanolamine is the new domestic product developed by our company at first. Being used in over one hundred large scale chemical fertilizer plants, medium sized nitrogenous fertilizer plants and petrochemical corporation refineries for decarburization and desulfurization, the product enjoys good reputation. For low cost and excellent effect for decarburization and desulfurization, this solvent develops rapidly in the past few years. For satisfying decarburization and desulfurization requirements of refineries and chemical fertilizer production industry, our annual production capacity has been 5000 tons. With leading quality in this industry, we are awarded the gold medal of the Seventh China New Technology &New Products Expo. In addition, we are also the "three agents" network designated enterprise of China National Petroleum Corporation and China Petrochemical Corporation.
      We have obtained technical stopping from Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Technology and developed corrosion inhibitor and new type activating agent jointly with relevant research institutes. With proper amount added into solvent, such products may not only optimize the decarburization and desulfurization effects, extend service life of equipment and solve all troubles and worries of users.
      Our Company may provide one package service which includes drawing design, operation scheme, process technology, operation commissioning and high quality of N-methyldiethanolamine solvent of competitive price. Welcome to visit our company.
      Quality standard

      Item Name

      Quality Index

      Best quality


      Colorless or yellowish sticky liquid without suspended substance

      Density (20℃) g/cm3


      Contents of Prime amine and Secondary amine mmol/g ≤

      Gas phase chromatography


      Chemistry titrimetric method   mmol/g 0.10

      MDEA  %  ≥


      Water content %    ≤


      Purpose N-methyldiethanolamine is widely used for chemical fertilizer plants, ammonia plants and carbon dioxide decarburization of carbamide production. Meanwhile, it is also used for desulfurization of dry gas, liquid gas and oil filed gas and sulfur recovery from Clause devices. Generally speaking, the MEDA solvent may reduce the energy consumption of 30-50% and the operating fee of 20-30% and save the investment of about 20%. This method is named as "the decarburization and desulfurization method with lowest energy consumption".
      Recommended Viscosity
      and Ratio
      1. Preparation of fully decarburized carbon dioxide working solution: MDEA: activator: H2O=50:4:46; total alkalinity of solution: 500g/litre; the concentration of working solution shall be controlled at about 50%; proper amount of foam killer.
      2. Semi-decarburized carbon dioxide: MDEA: activating agent: H2O=36:4:60; concentration of decarburized working solution must be controlled at about 30-40%; proper amount of foam killer. Water for working solution must be soft water.
      3. Preparation of liquid gas, dry gas desorption sulfuretted hydrogen working solutions: the concentration shall be controlled at about 30-40% (calculate according to MDEA).
      Packing With the package of galvanizing iron drum or plastic drum, the product has a net weight of 200kg.
      Storage In the transport course, the drum cover should be sealed, the shock, sunshine, rain, heat and fire source should be avoided.
      Warranty period One year after the production date, after this period, the product can be used only after the re-inspection is passed.
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